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2019 It's going to be a good year!

2019 It's going to be a good year!

Thursday 20th December 2018

Looking back on the year that is about to end, we check if the decisions we made regarding life choices were the right ones. It is also a time we start looking at the year ahead and whether or not there are things we need to change, to enhance our lives.
It is the season for reflection and for making resolutions to ourselves, to live our lives better.

There are always the health resolutions of weight loss, to stop smoking, to get fit or eat to better, in the new year. Also, the self improvement resolutions of improved education, financial status and self awareness.
Most of these resolutions seem to be made to curb our excesses, however history tells us that by January 7th most of these resolutions are either broken or forgotten.

There are those who do the exact opposite and resolve not to change in any way. That is they resolve not to have any new year resolutions. This way they enter the new year with no pressure and feel they reduce stress levels, regarding living to an improved standard.
You only live once right? So live your life one day at a time without regret!

Our view at Fine City Crystals is to get the best of both worlds.Don't commit to improve a hard and fast element of your life, just have a general resolution to strive to be happier, healthier and more content in 2019.

We wish all our customers and their families a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019, filled with contentment.

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