How We Make Your Crystal

Send your digital photo to Fine City Crystals and we will create a unique, personalised 3D Photo Crystal gift (Bubblegram) for you, by converting your chosen image into 3D, and then laser etch your 3D photograph inside the crystal.

3D Laser Engraved Crystal, 3D Photo Crystal Engraving, 3D Glass Engraving

Sending Us Your Image

For online customers, simply choose your crystal in our shop section. You can upload your image from your device with the choose file button or after checkout return to any page on this website and click on the file-upload link at the bottom of the page to upload your image. We will then get to work on producing your wonderful 3D bespoke crystal. Images can be uploaded from a variety of devices including PC/MAC, mobile phone, IPad/Tablet and digital camera. To see the best results please send your image at the highest possible resolution, the 3D laser image can only be as good as the digital image you supply. For more information and advice on images to use, head to our terms and conditions page.

For those of our customers who prefer to visit us here at our studio in Hitchin, we have our own 3D camera to create an image for you that can be sent directly to our laser engraver rather than uploading an existing digital print. We can also scan any of your prints in the studio too. Please note that visits to the studio are by appointment only so please contact us beforehand to arrange your visit.

3D Laser Engraved Crystal, 3D Photo Crystal Engraving, 3D Glass Engraving

So how does it all work?

Using our cutting edge technology we will convert your 2D digital photographs into stunning engraved crystals. Using our highly sophisticated computer software program, we'll take the digital print of your choice and transform it into a 3D version, merging it with the original image to maximise the fine detail.

We then use specialist laser technology which engraves points inside the crystal, a process called 'Sub-Surface' laser engraving. Once the laser hits the correct spot and distance within the crystal, a powerful laser pulse makes a very small void in the crystal. This process is repeated, etching point after point until you are left with a 3D image created from thousands of these points using a range of powers and distances. This 'Sub-Surface' engraving process ensures that there is no deterioration or fading in the future so our images last for life, preserved forever within the crystal.

Once finished your bespoke crystal will be presented to you in a gift box, and will be sent by UK delivery at no extra cost which takes between 3 and 7 working days (total 5-12 days from order to delivery). Your personalised crystal is made to your specification, so for any special requests just get in touch.