2D and 3D photo crystals

The 3D Photo Crystal (Bubblegram) process delivers an opportunity to capture personalised images in optically clear crystal. 3d laser crystal engraving of the best quality.
3D laser engraved photos for personalised gifts at affordable prices and for all occasions.
We take your 2D photo, convert it to a 2D or 3D point cloud image and by way of sub-surface engraving, we laser your photo in 2d or 3D, into the crystal.
The process works fantastically with images of people and pets, to make wonderful unique gifts for friends and family, offering an alternative to traditional portraits and canvas prints. Our personalised 3d pictures in glass come in many shapes and sizes. They are enhanced when placed in glass and mirrored display units. When placed upon an LED light base and set in a darker area of the room your 3D engraved photo crystal simply look stunning and really adds to the space.
Let Fine City Crystals create a photo in a crystal gift, in stunning 3D for you, that can be treasured forever.
We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality product and service, for a reasonable price. (No large discounts, off highly inflated prices)
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