Terms & Conditions


Every product is quality controlled before being dispatched. However, if you are not 100% happy with your purchase then you can return the product to us for a full refund.

Delivery Returns

Return delivery costs will be covered by us if the item is damaged.


We offer UK delivery free of charge. . Should you experience any delivery issues then please get in touch via the contact page of the website.

Image Quality

  • Although we are able to produce full body laser images, facial detail is usually lost due to the distance of the subject(s) from the camera and the small scale of the image in the crystal. Therefore we recommend for best results that images are taken from closer head/facial shots with the subject(s) facing the general direction of the camera.
  • Images can be uploaded via PC/MAC, mobile phone, IPad/Tablet and digital camera, we advise that for best results you provide us your image at the highest possible resolution.
  • Our laser engraved crystal can also work wonderfully with your pet photographs. We have found that the best results are achieved from close up head shots of the animals. Most full body photographs of cats and dogs are looking down on the animal from the photographer's standing viewpoint, so when the background is removed as part of the crystal making process the animal appears to be floating with the head seeming out of proportion to its body as it is closest to the camera lens. We are happy to advise you via the contact email address regarding photographic images before you purchase.
  • We remove the background from all 3D images by default (except for 2d images).
  • Generally we can turn any of the images your provide us into 3D, however if certain images are more complex we may contact you to advise on the likely end result.
  • We can accept old photographs, however we cannot guarantee that these images will be suitable for conversion. Unfortunately what we receive is what we are able to reproduce.

General rule of thumb for rectangle crystals is that if the image is taller than it is wide, then portrait format is best.
If the image is wider than it is tall, then landscape format is best.