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Optical clarity

Optical clarity

Thursday 21st March 2019

Whether purchasing decorative items for the home or recognition awards or company logo display pieces, it is always a good thing to purchase with quality in mind. Normally these items would be with us for a long time and generally things that we would treasure.

We at Fine City Crystals understand that quality is important to most people and therefore we use K9 optical crystal in the production of our subsurface crystals.
K9 is manufactured in China and is an optical borosilicate crown glass crystal and is equivalent to BK7 glass on the glass classification chart.
Low dispersal properties and a high refractive index make for a highly clear optical glass.
The index refraction is the ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum, to the speed of light through a given material, at a given wavelength. This measures how light slows down as it passes through optical material.
K9 is also used in the manufacture of high end chandeliers, lenses and lasers.

Crystal, is derived from the Venetian word "cristallo"

Sub surface engraving is the result of small fractures/points being etched within the glass, by way of a laser, to create a point cloud image (similar principle to dot matrix printing)

During daylight hours and especially with direct sunlight the subsurface image is very clear. We do however recommend the use of a light base when the crystal is displayed in a dimly light area or at night. Light from the bottom of the crystal produces the best results.

We at Fine City Crystals believe in quality and hope we are able to encapsulate a treasured memory for you in a quality K9 crystal.

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