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Party keepsakes

Party keepsakes

Thursday 16th May 2019

We all have memories that remind us of places, people and occasions.
There are many occasions that encapsulating these memories is important.
Special occasions like weddings, engagements, births, birthdays, graduations, mother's, father's and valentine's days.
We also like to remain close in remembrance, to the ones that have gone before us.

There are gifts for him/her, men/woman, wife/husband/partner, boyfriend/girlfriend and for friends and mentors.
Or maybe just to express our gratitude and appreciation for a task well done.
A sub-surface 3D photo engraving is the ideal gift that would be suitable for all the above occasions.

We at Fine City Crystals recently had a fairly unusual request, for 10 key-rings to be made up for an eight year old's birthday. The idea was that her friends would spend the day enjoying a day of fun and games together and then each would be given a wonderful keepsake as a reminder of the day. Each child had their name sub-surface engraved, along with small butterfly motif, into a LED crystal key-ring.
This would obviously also include a special one for the birthday girl.
What a fantastic way to cherish the memory of this important milestone for a young lady and her special group of friends.
The key-ring could be used for keeping that special key safe, perhaps for a secret diary or just to be attached to the school bag for all to see.

Should you wish to do something similar, please contact us on +44(0)1462458902 and if you order 10 or more key-rings we will arrange a special price.

To all those having birthdays this month, may we at Fine City Crystals wish you all the very best on your special day.