Recognition Awards

Recognition Awards

Friday 20th September 2019

One of the things we are taught early on in life, is to embrace the concept of developing a sense of gratitude.
Gratitude or thankfulness need not only be reserved for the big things in our lives.
In fact the scientists say the more grateful we are, the happier we are. So it stands to reason that we should then actively seek out ways to express our gratitude. There are a lot of obvious things that we can be grateful for, like the air we breath or the clean water we drink or maybe just that we are able to enjoy a delicious piece of cake.

Gratitude allows us to show others that they contribute to our well-being or that their efforts enhance us in some way.
In the workplace and more formal settings this can be done by way of recognition awards.
Recognition awards and gifts come in many guises.
Presenting top performers and high value contributors with a recognition award is a lasting way to say "thank you"
One of the most upmarket of these awards formats are the one's that are done in crystal. Specifically those done with sub-surface engraving, as this lends a further level of sophistication to the award.
The beauty of these awards is that one can craft words that are particular to the recipient and to embellish the reason for the award. This makes for a very unique and personal way of expressing gratitude for a job well done.
Attributes like positive attitude, dedication or outstanding performance in particular areas can be recognised and displayed for all to see.
Awards like these are highly valued by the recipients, as it is a constant reminder of the gratitude of the organisation for the contribution made to the success of the enterprise as a whole.

Fine City Crystals has a number of shapes and sizes of crystal awards and corporate gifts that would suit most occasions. The uniqueness of the sub-surface engraving will mean that an award like this will not only be treasured by the recipient but be on display for all to see.

Give us a call if you have someone in mind that you would like to say "thank you" to in a very special way.

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