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Unique artist commission

Unique artist commission

Monday 3rd February 2020

The Serpentine Galleries,a world-renowned contemporary art gallery based in Hyde Park, London, recently contacted Fine City Crystals with an unusual request: to collaborate on an exciting and bespoke commission for a limited edition.
Albert Oehlen, one of the world's most significant contemporary artists, who recently exhibited his work at the Serpentine Gallery,indicated that instead of producing a traditional print, he was looking to find a more experimental and improvised way of presenting his work.
Oehlen (b.1954 German)is a German born artist based in Switzerland. Throughout his career,the artist has continually engaged with and questioned the medium of painting. Combining abstract and figurative elements in his work and using computer-generated images, these result in complex compositions and installations.
The artist's decision was to pay tribute to his original work, by way of a three-dimensional image, engraved into a 10cm crystal cube. This limited edition sculptural artwork would have the artist's signature engraved into each piece and all of the pieces would be individually numbered.
These bespoke pieces can be purchased via the Serpentine Galleries' website:
Serpentine Galleries
Fine City Crystals were privileged to take on this opportunity and create pieces that will be treasured by lovers of Oehlen's work, for years to come.
On the collaboration with Fine City Crystals, Tanya Pragnell Lopez, Editions Sales Manager at the Serpentine Galleries, commented: "It has been a complete pleasure working with you, a brilliant experience and I cannot recommend working with you enough."
Fine praise for a 'fine' company.

Fine City Crystals

Albert Oehlen (Ol' man driver -3d) © Photo Prudence Cuming Ltd