Wednesday 10th February 2021
Sallyanne (guest)

On September 30th 2019, my whole world came crashing down.

I should have been having the best time of my life. I mean, I'd just got married to the man of my dreams & we were having a wonderful time in the Greek Islands, sharing a beautiful honeymoon together.
However, just 4 days before our Wedding Day my Father was admitted into hospital. It was just a stubborn chest infection that wouldn't shift but it meant that my Dad wasn't able to walk me down the Aisle. A dream that both myself and my Dad had dreamt of forever.
Okay, so that was a difficult day but I was pleased my Dad was being looked after well and we all looked forward to seeing him back on his feet being the cheeky happy chappy that we (and everyone who knew him) loved.
We went off on our honeymoon. Dad called me every day. I missed him like crazy and like any Daughter would I worried about him. The last time we spoke Dad told me that he would be home before we got back from our honeymoon. He was well enough to be discharged, they just had to wait until after the weekend for a doctor to be on shift to discharge him.
The following day found me spending 9 hours at the airport desperately pleading for a flight home. My Sister had phoned. The hospital had said to fear the worst and for Mum to call the family. Our honeymoon cut short, we finally boarded a plane and I'm blessed to say that I got home in time to spend 19 precious hours with my Dad.

So how does that connect me with Fine City Crystals I hear you ask?
The plain and honest reason why, was my grief. It was so painful, unimaginable in fact and I longed to see my Dad's face again.
Looking at my Dad's photographs of course bought me close to him but I wanted closer. I wanted to 'feel' he was there. That was the moment when my brain went into overdrive and I felt if I could get something of my Dad in 3D then I was sure it would help me. It surely must bring me more comfort than his pictures. . . . and so, I began my search. It started online and soon led me to Fine City Crystals. I saw they produced these amazing 3D laser cut images inside of crystals, the effect was as near perfect to that of looking at someone in real life. I knew I just had to have one made with my Dad in. We didn't have any recent photographs of 'Our Family' together so I managed to get a picture of each of us and fit them together. I sent this off to Fine City Crystals, ordering one for my Mum and myself. I chose to have a USB LED light box base for them to sit on. This would light the images up inside.
Well, I honestly can say that when I received them my breath was truly taken away. Tears were shed but this was a good thing. This was amazing! My Dad was in this wonderful cube, in true proper 3D, a real image of him. This was perfect, this was the closest thing I think I could ever get to 'seeing' my Dad whenever I wanted to and the effect that the light base had when I switched it on was just amazing! Dad lit up wonderfully, he was centre stage!! Exactly how he liked to be when he was here! Mum was just as thrilled as I was. Both mine and my Mums Crystal cubes are switched on every single night without fail and Dad is right there with us.

Now, in addition to the sheer delight of the quality and 'realness' of our products, Fine City Crystals contacted me and explained that I'd clicked on the wrong things when ordering and so had paid a little bit too much, they offered to return the extra money back to me but also offered me an alternative which was to have 2 LED light up keyrings made with my Dad in. Wow! I honestly can't explain how blown away I have been made to feel by not only the sheer geniusness of the products but the kindness too and my items had arrived with me only a few days after I'd made my order!

Fine City Crystals truly have surpassed my expectations and more. So much so that when it came around to my 1st Wedding Anniversary, wanting to have something nice for me & my husband to remember our Wedding Day by which let's face it after recent events had left that day tainted with sadness. We hadn't had any of our Wedding photos framed or hung on the walls in our home, I'd found that time a difficult one to go back to so I sat myself down one night, opened the online file from our photographer and I picked my favourite picture of my Husband and I on our Wedding Day. Off it went to Fine City Crystals and a few days later I was sat with excitement wrapping it up ready to hand to my Husband as a gift. My Husband loved it and if my Husband could express such admiration and love for it then I knew it was something special.

So this then led to our love of Fine City Crystals.

Christmas was upon us and it was my Husband who turned to me one day and said 'How about we get one of Oydis done?' - Oydis is my Son and his Girlfriends Cat, she's a beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat and is so fluffy and expressive. My Son and his Girlfriend had made comments about our Crystals on so many occasions and stated how lovely they were. Oydis was their fur baby, they love her so much. It was the perfect gift for them and yet again Fine City Crystals surpassed our expectations throughout. The process was easy from start to finish. It's a simple case of choosing your crystal size and shape, deciding if you want a light base or not (I would definitely recommend them, they bring them to life so much more!) and then going to check out.
The option to upload your image is done after the check-out process and is very simple. Fine City Crystals have an email address showing on their website and they also have a Facebook page so if there's ever been any uncertainty as to my order going through properly or if I have just wanted to clarify with them exactly how I have wanted my photograph to be then I have contacted them and they always have got back to me very quickly. Usually, the same day and if not then it's by the next day at the latest. How much easier could that be?

By now I'd ordered 2 'Our Family' crystals, had the 2 keyrings, 'Our 1st Wedding Anniversary' crystal and bought one with 'Oydis' inside. My next Crystal, again was brought about through sad times, we had to say goodbye to our gorgeous Siamese Cat, Rio. He'd been a part of us and was so special. Nick named 'chopstick feet' because of his long spindly legs and how they almost stabbed you as he walked over your chest, head or wherever his feet landed - we knew that 'Chopstick Feet' needed a Crystal of his own so he too could light up a corner of our room as he had lit up our hearts for so long.... And so Chopstick Feet became our next crystal.

We love these crystals so much and we have had such a positive experience with Fine City Crystals, they always work with us to ensure the end products of our items have been just what we want. They have treated our requests with such dignity and professionalism. We have totally fallen in love with this place and we are now planning on deciding what our next crystal might be.

Of course, we know we want more and so we will soon be running out of space. Our sideboards just don't have enough space to be able to display them and show them off as well as we'd like them to be as it's beginning to look a little bit crowded there now, we have a few. So, we've decided to purchase a beautiful wall hanging cabinet that has plenty of space to display not only those Crystals that we have but leaves more than enough space for plenty more! The cabinet looks stunning and is definitely my excuse to stay in touch with Fine City Crystals for a few more years yet!
As it's flush to the wall, we have changed our USB LED light bases for battery operated ones which of course means no trailing wires to hide. We've purchased rechargeable batteries and keep spares charged so we can keep the Crystals switched on still every night and we just reach for the charged batteries whenever we need to. My preference is the solid white light on the base but you can switch them to be a variety of different solid colours or there's an option for the lights to be colour changing, the lights go through the motion of all the colours which can be very soothing.

So there we have it - It's bitter sweet love and loss that bought me to find Fine City Crystals and so there we have it. It was my Dad that led me to Fine City Crystals. Thank you Dad xx & thank you Fine City Crystals.